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Camp Edisto
“Come and See … Go and Tell”
We are very excited that we will be able to have our summer camp season this year at Camp Edisto. In order to do so safely and
to minimize the risk for both our campers and staff, things are going to be done a little differently this year. Please read all of the
information in this letter before you register your child for their appropriate week of camp. If you still have questions or concerns
about these guidelines and rules, feel free to contact us: info@fccmc.org or (843) 761-1056.
New Guidelines & Policies for Camp Edisto 2021 Season (due to COVID-19 concerns):
● We are planning on having “normal” weeks of camp. After much discussion, we have determined that it would be nearly
impossible to enforce distancing or mask-wearing. Therefore, if you decide to send your child to camp, you will be asked
to sign a waiver that you are fully aware of conditions that your camper will encounter.
● In order to minimize the risks associated with COVID-19 we have decided to adopt the following protocols:
○ All campers will be screened at check-in with a health questionnaire and temperature check. If your camper is not
feeling well in the days preceding camp beginning, please do not send them to camp. Refunds will be provided
for any camper who cannot attend due to illness.

○ We will clean and sanitize the common areas (dining hall, game room, chapel) several times throughout the day.
○ We are planning on using the pool, but its usage may need to be adjusted as we approach time for camp to begin.

○ If a camper or staff person runs a fever or shows other symptoms of COVID-19 while at camp, they will be
isolated and sent home as soon as possible.

● We would prefer all registration forms, including the COVID-19 waiver, to be filled out and submitted online. Payment will
also be submitted online. If you choose to print off the forms and mail them in, then your registration and payment will not
be considered “submitted” until received.

● No visitors will be allowed on campus this year. Campers will also not be allowed to leave camp and return. If a camper
cannot be at camp for the entirety of the camp program, then they do not need to attend this year.
We also have a few other changes that have been made to the registration and check-in process for this year:
● T-shirt costs have been built into the cost of each week of camp. Please indicate the size your camper will need on the
registration form. If you register after June 1st, then you are not guaranteed the correct size.
● Campers and their families are not allowed on the camp property until 3pm on Sunday. The camp cannot be liable for
anyone on the campus until our staff is ready and in place. The grounds and facilities will be locked up until approved
camp personnel arrives to unlock them.
● Check-in for each camp program begins at 4pm on Sunday afternoon (with the exception of Junior Week which will begin
on Monday, July 5th at 4pm) and will take place in the Dining Hall. Parents cannot leave campus until they have first
checked their camper in and turned in all medication to the camp medical staff and filled out the COVID-19 health
● Check-in AND check-out will now be done at the Chapel. Please park in the designated areas and carry your luggage to
your assigned cabin. Only people who have been approved to pick up campers according to their registration sheets will
be allowed to take them home. You may be asked to provide identification.
● Only park vehicles (even when dropping off or picking up campers) in the two designated areas: near the Girls’ Cabin
areas & in front of the Chapel.
● Campers are not allowed to have mobile phones with them at camp. This is a security and liability issue for the camp.
This policy will be strictly enforced. Mobile phones are not necessary for the campers while at camp and become a huge
distraction to the camp program. We also can’t control or be aware of pictures taken and sent of other campers while at
camp. Any inappropriate messages or pictures sent or posted by campers would reflect poorly on Camp Edisto and could
result in legal action. If a camper is found to have one, it will immediately be confiscated and kept safe until the end of the
program, and then returned to them at Check-out. Other “gadgets” such as iPods, tablets, etc., are also prohibited. If you
need to contact the camp in case of emergency, there is a landline to the camp (803-274-8574) and the Dean and other
key staff members will make their contact numbers available to parents at check-in.
● Campers must attend the correct week of camp for their age group and are not permitted to attend multiple weeks of
camp. For registration purposes, campers are to register as the grade they will be entering at the beginning of the coming
school year.
● To receive the “early-bird” registration fee, your registration must be completed by Tuesday, June 1st. All registrations
received after that must pay the late registration fee.
● If you are unable to pay the full registration amount by the deadline, and/or need further financial assistance, please
contact your home church or the contact info listed earlier in this letter.
● Senior High, Junior High, and Intermediate Weeks end on Friday at 10:30am. Please be on time for pick-up.
● Junior Week ends on Thursday, July 8th at 10:30am.
● All medications will be left in the care of the designated camp nurse at check-in. Campers will report to the camp nurse to
receive their daily medications.
● Campers are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks. This becomes a health and safety issue with bugs and other
pests in the cabins, as well as becoming a temptation for some children to steal. In addition to the mealtimes, there is a
snack and drink shop available at specified times during the day, and some weeks will actually provide snacks as a part of
their programs.
● Please do not send campers who have infectious diseases (highly contagious viruses, head lice, etc.). If a child becomes
infected while at camp, the Dean and staff will make the best decision for both the sick camper as well as the rest of the
well campers. Generally, the camp will follow the same protocol as your local school district when dealing with infectious
● Bullying and other disruptive behavior is not tolerated in our camp program and may result in any offending child’s
immediate dismissal.
 Parents and family are encouraged to write letters to campers. Letters can be sent to: Camp Edisto, 120 Recreation
Drive, Branchville, SC, 29432.
● When encouraging your child to come to camp, it’s best not to suggest that they can call home if they get homesick.
Often that’s what will plant the idea in their minds. If a camper is not engaging in the camp program and their
homesickness is becoming a distraction to others, then the parents will be contacted and encouraged to take them home.
● We are a Christian camp. We seek to teach young people about the salvation and eternal life that is found only in Jesus
Christ. At several of our weeks of camp, we extend the opportunity for campers to respond to God’s offer of grace by
placing their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and being baptized into him. If your child is ready to make such
a decision, you will be notified immediately, so that you can be a part of helping to counsel them through such an
important decision.
● Clothing – Wear comfortable clothes that you can get sweaty and dirty. Campers need sneakers for games and activities
outside that require running and movement. No two-piece swimsuits for girls (tankinis are allowed as long as they’re
modest). If a swimsuit is deemed too immodest then campers will be asked to cover with a dark t-shirt. Please make
sure you pack enough clothes for the full time the camper will be at camp.
● Toiletries – shower items, personal hygiene items, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels
● Bedding – sheets/sleeping bag for twin size bed
● Money – Each week will designate a mission and will take up an offering to support its work. Other than offering, the only
money your child will need would be for the drink and snack shop, usually no more than $2-3 per day.
● Other items – Bible, pen, notepad, fan, bug spray, sunblock, baseball glove or other sports items for free time (optional)
● If you have any question about whether an item is appropriate to bring to camp, please contact the Dean. Please
remember that space is limited in the cabins so don’t “overpack”.
It takes all of us to help make Camp Edisto such an amazing experience. We are counting on each of you to abide by these
policy guidelines so that each camper has a memorable and life-changing encounter with God’s love and grace this summer.